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3083A few bits for sale! Leather interior(s), wheels, Euro Zender rear skirt, etc.

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  • Ben Broke-Smith
    15 Nov 11:49
      Hi guys!

      Not really sent many messages to this webgroup, but I own(ed) a mint 1987 525i (Euro, of course) which was recently written off when some dozy school mum drove into the back of me in traffic. Anyway, as a result of that and my friend buying a 528i to turn into a track car, I've got quite a lot of bits for sale. All in the UK. If anybody wants anything just have a quick scan through this e-mail, I've got lots of stuff for sale. I'm willing to ship to anywhere in the world if you can help me sort the shipping out.

      Basically ANYTHING from my lachs silver 1987 525i with shadowline, let me know what you want and if I have it you can probably have it, I might be keeping the shadowline trim although the left hand side (nearside in the UK) rear shadowline light cluster is available. Cluster is mint, paintwork on the shadowline is good but not brilliant. Mechanically the car is excellent, it was in SUPERB pre accident condition. See pics here... http://homepage.ntlworld.com/astonman/picmanoulton/

      Then we have some specific, nice bits! Although I make some comments about offers etc, please feel free to make me any offer you want, as I have a garage full of stuff and once I've stripped the 525 I will have endless car bits lying around the house/garden/garage/etc!!!

      Rear Zender skirt, recently bought from ebay but I only want the front skirt. It's in BRAND NEW condition, very very well painted in Dolphin grey metallic, absolutely gorgeous finish and would look great on the right car. My friend was going to have it for his car, but we decided it was too mint to go on his. £offers, bearing in mind it's a rare part.

      Very very nice condition E34 15 inch basketweaves/cross spokes with 225/60/15 tyres, brand new uniroyals on the rear, not far from the legal limit on the front. I'm looking for £100.

      MINT FULL red leather interior with front armrests, doorcards (perforated style leather on the doorcards), including mint headrests, full mint black carpets with mint original bmw overmats, anything you want from the interior except for the dashboard. £offers But it is very very mint, from a 528i that was owned by the original owner until a year or two ago, has every receipt and was loved. The car now needs welding and a lot of suspension work so my mate is selling it to fund track speccing it.

      Very good condition M5/M535i black cloth sport seats from my 525i,.with the M badging, originally from the M5/M535i. Manual adjustment, very comfortable, rear seat is pretty much unused, front seats are mint at first glance, but are used. No rips or tears or anything, the cloth is just a bit thinner than it would be from the factory. £offers, but they are in waaaay above average condition with the M badges etc.

      Blue cloth doorcards, dash panels, carpets, original BMW overmats, etc from my 525i, mint dashboard with no cracks, anything you want really. Just make me an offer.

      MINT BMW 3 spoke sport steering wheel from my new 528i, very very nice condition, I have another wheel to replace it already.

      2x not so mint BMW 3 spoke sport steering wheels, but I'm sure they'd tidy up with some leather feed, if anybody is interested in these for a bargain price then I'll see how good I can get them. One is in good condition and definately could be tidied up, one is not so amazing but I'll give it a try.

      Both front cream leather seats from my new 528i, if anybody's interested. The leather is in good condition, headrests are as new, some of the stitching on the "striping" of the seat has come loose on the base, but unless you actually know to look for it they look very nice indeed. I would keep them but I use my car on the track and I fall off them, it might be possible to persuade me to sell the full cream interior if you offer me the right money, it's in EXCELLENT condition and looks great in the black car. So great that I want to get a pair of buckets/sport seats retrimmed in cream to match. :)

      I think that's everything, as you can see there is quite a lot of stuff!! If there's anything generic E28 that you want then I may well have it, so just drop me a line.

      Cheers guys!!


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