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3086RE: [bmw e28] Brake Warning Light...?

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  • Gil Thereault
    Nov 15, 2004
      There are two brake lights, one for the brake linings and the other for the emergency brake. With the emergency brake lever released and when operating the vehicle, if the red brake light blinks on briefly and goes out (the same as emergency brake light), then the problem is the brake accumulator also known as the brake bomb. In the past four years, I had to replace mine twice. If you find that the brake pedal feels odd and you find the symptoms as described here, it is likely to the the brake accumulator. Your car may stop but you may not have any brake pressure in the event of loss of engine power. Never purchase a used on as it may be not any better than the one you have. I'm not really sure how they work but there is something that has to do with nitrogen in the accumulator. I did the job in the driveway and the first time it took less than two hours with the learning curve, the second time less than half the time. If any one has any comments regarding this or how this
      brake accumulator works, I would be interested in reading about it.

      86 535i 187k

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