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310182 520i Wipers, etc.

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  • okareka12000
    19 Nov 16:16
      Update for Paul's info--I have taken the relay out.Take the black
      cover off by gently prising the baseplate out at one end. Don't pull
      up too far cos you'll bend the contacts.The brown fibre base plate
      then slides off over the contacts.Inside there is a pcb and 2
      mechanical relays.I have checked all the solder joints -all ok.I have
      sprayed contact cleaner on the relay contacts.When re assembling note
      that there is a locating lug on the black plastic cover. This locates
      the pcb in the correct position.Clip in the base plate and refit into
      the fuse box.Test run.Absolutely no difference--so I guess it has to
      be the wiper motor!! Regards, Dave.
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