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3103Re: Sensor

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  • Brian M. Armstrong
    Nov 20, 2004
      for the coolant sensor just run a jumper to the two pins on the
      connector. it grounds it out and shuts off the light. for the break
      pad sensor i just removed the bulb. I had the inst. cluster out for
      another issue and figured i had the wheels off enough i could just
      check break pad condition myself. however, I would check the fuses
      first. they are notorious in this model for electrical gremlins.

      --- In bmwe28@..., ken@k... wrote:
      > On my 528e I keep getting false reading on the warning panel for
      oil and
      > coolent and the break sensor in dash area keeps saying I need to
      > brakes - When I check everything is ok -
      > Can these be replaced or disabled?
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