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3104heater motor

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  • jeroenkrijnen
    21 Nov 04:44
      Hi, both my e28's produce noise from the heater motor when switched
      on. In my 1984 520i (267.000km) it's a whistle produced in level 1
      which more or less shuts up in level 2 and stops completely when
      switched to level 3.
      In my 1986 528i (220.000km)the noise is a growly rumble in all
      levels, but tends to shut up when switched in level 3.
      I've heard this will be probably caused by a worn heater motor
      bearing, and that it's impossible to replace it. I find that hard to
      believe, so I would like to read stories that prove otherwise. Is it
      possible to replace that bearing, and how to do it best?

      Jeroen, Netherlands
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