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3118Re: [bmw e28] econo gauge

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  • Norman Hauser
    Nov 22, 2004
      You could go to your nearest BMW dealership, to the
      parts/service dept. there is usually a technician
      there who will be willing to help and a parts man who
      could use the BMW computer to look up exactly what
      model gauge cluster you have and what wire goes where.
      They are usually big fans of e-28's down at BMW I know
      I am a well liked 5 owner at mine, and they help with
      those complicated issues.For instance I had an issue
      with my horns going off, they were on aall the time I
      had to disconnect them, I pulled the relay too, I went
      to BMW here to ask for help with my problem because it
      was something I couldnt understand, the relay was fine
      I opened it. The Tech there at BMW actually called me
      back when he had time and he looked up the wiring
      schematic and spoke to me for about a half hour, that
      was great considering I hadn't bought the car there
      and even if I did it would have been near 20 years
      ago.They are good mates at BMW give them a try.

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