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  • jeroenkrijnen
    22 Nov 11:55
      You're absolutely right! If you're in a BMW-workshop, go for the
      older bloke. He'll probably remember working on E28's, in Holland's
      just the same, beware of young not-motivated mechanics and sales
      managers whose only joy and pride is showing off with expensive new
      7's and X5's
      If you're at the dealer try to get the latest CD-ROM of BMW Mobile
      Tradition which contains parts list with drawings of each BMW
      produced between 1960 and 1990. You are then able to sit back at
      home behind your computer looking for the items you need. One
      phonecall to the dealer is enough to order.
      About the econo-gauge: mine works fine, but in my 86 528i tachometer
      (rpm)is dead, fuelgauge works poor, service-interval constantly
      showing me to have an inspection. I think the green backplate with
      all the contacts on (how's that part called in english)has had it's

      Jeroen, Netherlands

      --- In bmwe28@..., Norman Hauser
      <normanthefloorman@y...> wrote:
      > You could go to your nearest BMW dealership, to the
      > parts/service dept. there is usually a technician
      > there who will be willing to help and a parts man who
      > could use the BMW computer to look up exactly what
      > model gauge cluster you have and what wire goes where.
      > They are usually big fans of e-28's down at BMW I know
      > I am a well liked 5 owner at mine, and they help with
      > those complicated issues.For instance I had an issue
      > with my horns going off, they were on aall the time I
      > had to disconnect them, I pulled the relay too, I went
      > to BMW here to ask for help with my problem because it
      > was something I couldnt understand, the relay was fine
      > I opened it. The Tech there at BMW actually called me
      > back when he had time and he looked up the wiring
      > schematic and spoke to me for about a half hour, that
      > was great considering I hadn't bought the car there
      > and even if I did it would have been near 20 years
      > ago.They are good mates at BMW give them a try.
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