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3133Re: [bmw e28] A few bits for sale! Leather interior(s), wheels, Euro Zender rear skirt, etc.

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  • Gerald Paul
    24 Nov 19:54
      If all else fails, visit Bavarian Autosport
      (www.bavauto.com). They may have the pieces cheaper
      than the dealers.
      --- Ben Broke-Smith <astonmartinv8@...> wrote:

      > Hi Gary,
      > I'm afraid I can't help on the rear bumper or light,
      > since my car was rear ended the bumper is rather
      > smashed and the rubber, although intact, will be
      > scuffed etc, and my offside light is broken and
      > shadowline anyway.
      > As for how much I want for the wheel, well they go
      > for all sorts of different amounts depending on
      > whether it's from a breaker, or ebay, etc so I'm not
      > sure how much is a reasonable price to ask really!
      > How much do you want to pay for the steering wheel?
      > Cheers,
      > Ben
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: gary edmonds
      > To: bmwe28@...
      > Sent: Monday, November 22, 2004 9:32 PM
      > Subject: Re: [bmw e28] A few bits for sale!
      > Leather interior(s), wheels, Euro Zender rear skirt,
      > etc.
      > Hi Ben,
      > I don't if you can help but I am after the
      > following
      > for my 528i;
      > Rear bumper and rubber trim, offside rear lamp
      > unit.
      > Not shadowline. Must be in mint/excellent
      > condition
      > to replace mine.
      > How much do you want for the BMW 3 spoke sport
      > steering wheel?
      > Let me know if you can help,
      > Cheers Gary.
      > --- Ben Broke-Smith <astonmartinv8@...>
      > wrote:
      > ---------------------------------
      > Hi guys!
      > Not really sent many messages to this webgroup,
      > but I
      > own(ed) a mint 1987 525i (Euro, of course) which
      > was
      > recently written off when some dozy school mum
      > drove
      > into the back of me in traffic. Anyway, as a
      > result of
      > that and my friend buying a 528i to turn into a
      > track
      > car, I've got quite a lot of bits for sale. All in
      > the
      > UK. If anybody wants anything just have a quick
      > scan
      > through this e-mail, I've got lots of stuff for
      > sale.
      > I'm willing to ship to anywhere in the world if
      > you
      > can help me sort the shipping out.
      > Basically ANYTHING from my lachs silver 1987 525i
      > with
      > shadowline, let me know what you want and if I
      > have it
      > you can probably have it, I might be keeping the
      > shadowline trim although the left hand side
      > (nearside
      > in the UK) rear shadowline light cluster is
      > available.
      > Cluster is mint, paintwork on the shadowline is
      > good
      > but not brilliant. Mechanically the car is
      > excellent,
      > it was in SUPERB pre accident condition. See pics
      > here...
      > http://homepage.ntlworld.com/astonman/picmanoulton/
      > Then we have some specific, nice bits! Although I
      > make
      > some comments about offers etc, please feel free
      > to
      > make me any offer you want, as I have a garage
      > full of
      > stuff and once I've stripped the 525 I will have
      > endless car bits lying around the
      > house/garden/garage/etc!!!
      > Rear Zender skirt, recently bought from ebay but I
      > only want the front skirt. It's in BRAND NEW
      > condition, very very well painted in Dolphin grey
      > metallic, absolutely gorgeous finish and would
      > look
      > great on the right car. My friend was going to
      > have it
      > for his car, but we decided it was too mint to go
      > on
      > his. �offers, bearing in mind it's a rare part.
      > Very very nice condition E34 15 inch
      > basketweaves/cross spokes with 225/60/15 tyres,
      > brand
      > new uniroyals on the rear, not far from the legal
      > limit on the front. I'm looking for �100.
      > MINT FULL red leather interior with front
      > armrests,
      > doorcards (perforated style leather on the
      > doorcards),
      > including mint headrests, full mint black carpets
      > with
      > mint original bmw overmats, anything you want from
      > the
      > interior except for the dashboard. �offers But it
      > is
      > very very mint, from a 528i that was owned by the
      > original owner until a year or two ago, has every
      > receipt and was loved. The car now needs welding
      > and a
      > lot of suspension work so my mate is selling it to
      > fund track speccing it.
      > Very good condition M5/M535i black cloth sport
      > seats
      > from my 525i,.with the M badging, originally from
      > the
      > M5/M535i. Manual adjustment, very comfortable,
      > rear
      > seat is pretty much unused, front seats are mint
      > at
      > first glance, but are used. No rips or tears or
      > anything, the cloth is just a bit thinner than it
      > would be from the factory. �offers, but they are
      > in
      > waaaay above average condition with the M badges
      > etc.
      > Blue cloth doorcards, dash panels, carpets,
      > original
      > BMW overmats, etc from my 525i, mint dashboard
      > with no
      > cracks, anything you want really. Just make me an
      > offer.
      > MINT BMW 3 spoke sport steering wheel from my new
      > 528i, very very nice condition, I have another
      > wheel
      > to replace it already.
      > 2x not so mint BMW 3 spoke sport steering wheels,
      > but
      > I'm sure they'd tidy up with some leather feed, if
      > anybody is interested in these for a bargain price
      > then I'll see how good I can get them. One is in
      > good
      > condition and definately could be tidied up, one
      > is
      > not so amazing but I'll give it a try.
      > Both front cream leather seats from my new 528i,
      > if
      > anybody's interested. The leather is in good
      > condition, headrests are as new, some of the
      > stitching
      > on the "striping" of the seat has come loose on
      > the
      > base, but unless you actually know to look for it
      > they
      > look very nice indeed. I would keep them but I use
      > my
      > car on the track and I fall off them, it might be
      > possible to persuade me to sell the full cream
      > interior if you offer me the right money, it's in
      > EXCELLENT condition and looks great in the black
      > car.
      > So great that I want to get a pair of
      > buckets/sport
      > seats retrimmed in cream to match. :)
      > I think that's everything, as you can see there is
      > quite a lot of stuff!! If there's anything generic
      > E28
      > that you want then I may well have it, so just
      > drop me
      > a line.
      > Cheers guys!!
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