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3137Re: [bmw e28] heater motor

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  • Steve Haygood
    25 Nov 08:38
      FWIW, I have the motor alone without the fan cages for 75.00 or the complete
      assembly for 167.00( both new with warranty) and I will ship and take credit
      cards. Those are the behr versions, sofica is more ,but most of our cars
      have the Behr fan.
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      From: Barry Mercer
      To: bmwe28@...
      Sent: Thursday, November 25, 2004 11:25 AM
      Subject: Re: [bmw e28] heater motor

      I was having a similar problem with my '86, it made noise, would
      start to die and then come back on. Sounded like bad bearings, but
      two weeks ago, it just plain died. I found a shop here in Seattle,
      Mercedes/BMW Parts Inc. That found a new motor for me the next day.
      His name is Abe, and he will ship, but does not take credit cards.
      (206-523_1804) I have also seen them a little cheaper on E-bay, but
      with out shipping, and no mention of the brand? I need to install it
      still, as I have not had time.

      The cost was $213.00 + Tax, but when it is cold, and your windows all
      fog up in the Seattle Rain, it is well worth it. The local
      Dealership said they could have one in maybe 5 to 10 weeks out of
      Germany, and it would be $453.00, plus tax of course. Seamed a
      little high and they were not willing to guarantee that I would have
      it anytime this winter?

      You do need to check which motor it is though, as three different
      brands were used in these cars. Mine had the Behr, but there are
      others. Pull the panel, and look. It is located behind the engine
      on the upper side of the firewall, and runs the length of the
      firewall. It has a bunch of sheet metal screws with socket style
      heads, so take your time to get them all. The motor is held in by
      spring wire strap clips. Just flip up the buckle. I then had to pt
      it back together to go and get the motor.

      A new fan will be nice!


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