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3139Re: [bmw e28] heater motor

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  • Barry Mercer
    26 Nov 09:22
      Thanks Steve,

      I will check with you the next time I need a part.

      I put the Behr in yesterday and it works very nice indeed. Could be
      a stronger fan, like the AC fan though. I still don't get the
      seperate systems? Seems real repetitive to this yankey. The Dryer
      in the AC would be very benificial for defrost and defog?


      --- In bmwe28@..., "Steve Haygood"
      <automobilesolutions@c...> wrote:
      > FWIW, I have the motor alone without the fan cages for 75.00 or the
      > assembly for 167.00( both new with warranty) and I will ship and
      take credit
      > cards. Those are the behr versions, sofica is more ,but most of our
      > have the Behr fan.
      > Steve
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      > From: Barry Mercer
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      > Sent: Thursday, November 25, 2004 11:25 AM
      > Subject: Re: [bmw e28] heater motor
      > I was having a similar problem with my '86, it made noise, would
      > start to die and then come back on. Sounded like bad bearings,
      > two weeks ago, it just plain died. I found a shop here in
      > Mercedes/BMW Parts Inc. That found a new motor for me the next
      > His name is Abe, and he will ship, but does not take credit cards.
      > (206-523_1804) I have also seen them a little cheaper on E-bay,
      > with out shipping, and no mention of the brand? I need to install
      > still, as I have not had time.
      > The cost was $213.00 + Tax, but when it is cold, and your windows
      > fog up in the Seattle Rain, it is well worth it. The local
      > Dealership said they could have one in maybe 5 to 10 weeks out of
      > Germany, and it would be $453.00, plus tax of course. Seamed a
      > little high and they were not willing to guarantee that I would
      > it anytime this winter?
      > You do need to check which motor it is though, as three different
      > brands were used in these cars. Mine had the Behr, but there are
      > others. Pull the panel, and look. It is located behind the
      > on the upper side of the firewall, and runs the length of the
      > firewall. It has a bunch of sheet metal screws with socket style
      > heads, so take your time to get them all. The motor is held in by
      > spring wire strap clips. Just flip up the buckle. I then had to
      > it back together to go and get the motor.
      > A new fan will be nice!
      > VMEBarry
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