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  • Larry R.
    Dec 8, 2004
      OK. I am totally new to the BMW. I am in the process of restoring
      2 1987 325is coupes and looking hard at a third.

      I was at a junkyard this afternoon looking for anything I could use,
      sell, barter or even give away.

      I headed towards the exit.

      7 cars from the gate was an older BMW 5-series. At first I mistook
      it for a 320 as I've seen one of those at a yard in the mid cities
      here, and this one had that same hood that wraps OVER each fender.
      I only chanced on it being a 5 while looking for the BBS center cap
      tool.. A sedan. Although I am color blind, it was a blue color.
      TONS of chrome all over it. I mean TONS. not a bit of rust,
      remember this is Dallas, TX and we never really see snow. And it
      had MINT looking BBS rims, WITH ALL 4 center caps.

      My BBS center cap wrench was at home so I started checking the
      trunk. Searched everywhere and no joy. But, I knew that if I left,
      someone would get the parts.

      As I sat in the front seat, I found a halogen bulb and although I do
      not have ellipsoid headlights, I have played with the bulbs in my
      fog lamps.

      Yard closes at 6 PM. About then, one of the worker bees walked up
      and said time to go. I said I needed parts off this car. About
      then a different guy goes: "see that mark on the fender? That car
      is due to be CRUSHED for scrap in the morning.

      This car looks super clean. Not wrecked, I think it might have a
      blown engine. Oh, BTW, they simply PUNCH holes to drain the engine
      oil as they claim that takes less time.

      I looked Googled some sites and they tell me the engine in the
      series was the same as my 87 325is.

      I will be there when they open in the morning, as many tools in my
      hands as I can think I'll need.

      Here is what I am taking in the morning:

      All 4 wheels and center caps - , no idea if they even fit as I have
      4x100 14 inch bottle caps and they are BBS basket weave. I found a
      bottle cap spare and did take the center cap home this evening.
      SHOULD have taken the tire, forgot.

      Driver's side back window. Complete, looks like a two part. Need t
      run and check this 320 I saw to verify if this works so I can sell
      it to the guy around the corner with a red 320 sitting, looks
      neglected, at a garage I pass on my way home. If it will not work,
      I will not bother with the door.

      Headlight assemblies. I swear to God I think they are ellipsoid.
      It got dark, I was keeping the workers and the boss told me go get
      off the yard. I had the one bolt/nut to remove and the driver's
      side was free and on my cart to take home but he stood there and
      made me load my little buggy. CRAP!

      No key to be found else I'd yank the wheel, I will look again unless
      this steering wheel can be removed without a key?

      So here's the deal. I am working late right now so I can take part
      of the morning and go yank what I can from this car. I did not have
      enough light to take any pictures with my Sony Mavica camera, I took
      shots of some other cars. (I will go post what I took in the photo
      section.) None of this car though.

      ANYTHING you want off this car, including seats, you HAVE to email
      me before I head to work around 7 AM. Yard does not open until 8:30
      but I will be loaded and ready for bear. I would love if one
      person, maybe a mod? Can email me and then I can give him my cell
      number and he can call and I can describe the car and he can post
      the info. I will then have the exact model number, I only know 5
      series and was not thinking to write anything down as I was not
      looking for much and was leaving UNTIL he said it would be
      destroyed. Hell, I was thinking to yank the front seats (cloth, I
      am almost certain a blue color) and remove the seat struts to see if
      they worked in my Recaro seats for my cars.

      If there is something you want/need, please email me at dallas_larry
      at yahoo dot com

      No idea at all what this place will hit me for, but I left the other
      night with SEVEN BMW wheels/tires, 3 were bottle cap witrh the
      centers, plus minor other things, 3 wheels were alloy, 15 inch BBS
      basket weave that no one could free from the frame and I GOT them
      off! I can post more I got, but I paid less than 200 for all that,
      so this place is a great deal.

      Oh, BTW, the rims from the 15 BMW, they are all BBS MAHLE.
      Any duplicate request will be first come first serve and if you
      want, I'd copy the email to the main list as a backup.

      I can't get the glove box open yet, but may just bust it if I cannot
      find a key. THAT is gonna hurt me to do. Unless someone can tell
      me how to open this type of glove box without breaking anything

      OK, I am off to home to pack up tools, clean up the bed of my truck
      and see about maybe taking my trailer. Heck, if they are crushing
      it, I wonder what they want for the engine if is the same as mine
      and I need the oil pan replaced on my red one.

      I;m out, email me if you want parts for me to pull.
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