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3189clutch question

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  • Doug Dykaar
    Dec 21, 2004
      My clutch was recently replaced (140kmi) and while now the engagement point
      is low to the floor, it worked fine. The last couple days its been REAL cold
      and the clutch won't fully disengage until the drivetrain gets completely
      warm. My panzer mechanic says clutch hydraulics. I checked the fluid level
      and it was low. I don't see fluid in the footwell, so I guess I gotta
      rebuild the slave cylinder and bleed the clutch (I hate that - even with a
      vacuum generator).

      The manual doesn't show any adjustment, other than an eccentric bolt where
      the pedal connects to the master and I think I got it maxed out already. The
      range of adjustment is very small anyway. There's the plastic nubbin on the
      end of the slave cylinder pin, but I geuss I won't know if its there till I
      pull the slave off.

      Dang, I hate winter, and its only day one.

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