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3198Re: [bmw e28] prestone coolant

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  • Ron Kall
    Dec 24, 2004
      Hi Greg,

      There have been a few reports that I have seen
      published on the net that rank the coolants. Peak is
      total crap. Prestone is marginal. Phosphates is an
      issue for sure. There was something I saw that said
      Toyota Red or Mazda or Honda made a really good
      coolant for maybe $7.00 a gallon list? I mean every
      bit as good as BMW blue for 1/3 to 1/4 the cost. This
      was a separate posting that was not part of the other
      official studies.

      Has anyone seen this?

      --- greg_collen <greg_collen@...> wrote:

      > Does it have phosphates in it? If so, its not
      > recommended by BMW. Im
      > sure the regular prestone coolant has phosphates.
      > The BMW stuff is
      > overpriced on the other hand its only replaced every
      > 2 years.

      Ron Kall
      Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

      1986 528e
      1985 535i

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