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3207Modifying my 525e.

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  • Steve Dodds
    Dec 27, 2004
      I'm currently modifying my 525e ... i've owned her for 8 years.

      I want to build a hybrid engine ... i already have a euro 11.0:1
      block and a couple of early 323i heads.

      Also i'm converting from auto to manual ... i have all the bits

      But before all this happens, i am removing the "untuneable"
      motronic v1.0 and am fitting L-jetronic .... which will have an
      old style distributor which can have its ignition timing altered
      Also, individual componants can be changed inside the L-Jet ecu
      to alter maximum revs and fuelling etc.

      Once completed, i will have a C2 b27 (alpina-like) engine, linked
      to a 2 litre gearbox (getrag 240) and a 3.91:1 diff.

      What say you guys?? Any tips??
      I'm very familier with the M20 engines and as my
      lovely M30 powered E32 730i is now in perfect working order, i'd
      like to turn my 525e into a track day car.

      Also ... does anyone here run an automatic 255e/528e with
      a 3.91:1 diff.
      Thats fun on its own!!