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3213clutch-> Yee Hah!

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  • Doug Dykaar
    Dec 31, 2004
      Thanks to all who offered advice and encouragement.

      I have successfully bled Mr. clutch.

      - I jacked the car from the rear.
      - I removed the car from the slave to orient the bleeder straight up.
      - I used a vacuum generator (The wife doesn't do cars).
      - I was careful to only bleed about an ounce of fluid at a time before
      refilling the reservoir. The clutch master pickup is high up on the
      reservoir so its easy to suck air.
      - I used Dan Patzer's trick of 3 pumps of the pedal w/ the slave bolted in
      loose, so the nuts are flush with the studs.

      I ended up sucking a big-ass air bubble out of the system. There may be
      magic involved, but this was so blatant even I could get the air out. Of
      course, I put the air in there in the first place. 20+ years of bleeding
      brakes, and I'd never done a clutch. I have now. Luckily its a balmy +8C

      So now its great! new clutch, bronze shift bushings installed at the same
      time, so the whole linkage is nice and tight.


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