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3215Re: [bmw e28] clutch-> Yee Hah!

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  • Ron Kall
    Jan 2, 2005
      Hi Doug,

      Help me out on this one, if you had the pressure
      bleeder guy, then you could have bled with the bleeder
      valve facing down? When I flushed the brake fluid on
      my 535i, all I did was loosen the slave bleeder with
      about 18 psi on the master reservoir, and gush about 6
      oz. of brake fluid in my face. The caliper bled really
      slow, but the clutch slave bled that in two seconds.

      take care,

      --- Doug Dykaar <ddykaar@...> wrote:

      > Thanks to all who offered advice and encouragement.
      > I have successfully bled Mr. clutch.
      > - I jacked the car from the rear.
      > - I removed the car from the slave to orient the
      > bleeder straight up.
      > - I used a vacuum generator (The wife doesn't do
      > cars).
      > - I was careful to only bleed about an ounce of
      > fluid at a time before
      > refilling the reservoir. The clutch master pickup is
      > high up on the
      > reservoir so its easy to suck air.
      > - I used Dan Patzer's trick of 3 pumps of the pedal
      > w/ the slave bolted in
      > loose, so the nuts are flush with the studs.
      > I ended up sucking a big-ass air bubble out of the
      > system. There may be
      > magic involved, but this was so blatant even I could
      > get the air out. Of
      > course, I put the air in there in the first place.
      > 20+ years of bleeding
      > brakes, and I'd never done a clutch. I have now.
      > Luckily its a balmy +8C
      > today.
      > So now its great! new clutch, bronze shift bushings
      > installed at the same
      > time, so the whole linkage is nice and tight.
      > Regards,
      > Doug

      Ron Kall
      Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

      1986 528e
      1985 535i

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