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3233new member just bought an 82 528e (US)

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  • Scott Roberts
    Jan 19, 2005
      My wife found an 82 528e sitting on the side of the road for sale and fell
      in love with it, bought it before Christmas for 700 bucks. 228,000 miles,
      runs great, shifts great, so far so good...

      A couple things: Any one know where I can find the manual crank access cover
      for the sunroof? (Little plastic plate that snaps in to cover that "hole"
      in the headliner, dark Blue interior), One of those things that's not real
      important, but drives me crazy looking at it.

      Also, the air intakes in the hood, (that let fresh air into the cabin) are
      oxidizing and breaking down, causing it sing to me at highway speeds I can't
      seem to find those anywhere, any suggestions?

      Last but not least, drivers side seat cushion is shot, feels like I'm
      sitting on the floor, Leather seats covers are in good shape, can just the
      cushion be replaced, if so where can I find one?

      Ohio, USA
      82 528e

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