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3250RE: and cruise control (was: Central locking)

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  • Blake Nancarrow
    Jan 27, 2005
      On Thursday 27 January 2005 2:34 PM, bm0p700f wrote:
      > 2) cruiecontrol simpley doesnot work but again all
      other systems
      > associated with fuse 6 (8 amp White) also work. The
      Bently's manual
      > just give a horrid circuit diagram. I thick I
      understand just but just
      > do'nt know were any of the bit are.


      I did extensive troubleshooting of the cruise control
      on my 1984 528e last summer... And it is still wobbly!

      Sometimes it works. Occasionally, I've traveled an
      entire trip of 200 kilometres on cruise, without a
      hitch. Other times it won't engage at all. Sometimes
      it works but then cuts out. If I reactive it, it'll
      hold again for a while. This makes me think I have a
      short or a bad wire or a bad ground somewhere...

      Here's what I've tried:

      - checked fuse(s)
      - checked clutch and brake switches
      - swapped cruise control brain
      - swapped instrument cluster
      - done all checks from Bentley manual
      - did checks from purported shop manual
      - checked all wiring
      - cruise servo does spin
      - cruise servo clutch does activate

      I can't figure out what else I should test!

      I'm resisting swapping the entire servo...

      Now, someone on the MaxBimmers web site forum said to
      me: "Have you checked your clutch return spring? If
      you are getting a clunk when you depress the clutch
      then you compression spring is broken. If this is
      broken then your cruise control will not engage
      properly for it to work. its an easy do it yourself
      fix but just awkward to replace."

      I have not checked this...

      Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      88 BMW M3 (Mr. Black) sleeping for the winter
      84 BMW 528e (Mr. Blue) going for 600,000 km
      84 BMW 528e (Mr. Brown) under a snow bank in a field