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3251Re: Central locking

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  • yonkyjonah
    27 Jan 16:23
      > 1) Central locking does not work at all.....

      Can't help with this one!

      > 2) Cruise control simply does not work.......

      Any problems with the instrument cluster? Do all your service lights
      work? I may be wrong but I understand that if the SI batteries are
      knackered the cruise control won't work.

      > 3) headlamp washer/wiper system....

      This is an easy fix, remove and place in nearest bin.

      > I do fancy converting it to a manual. Is this possible?

      It's possible but easier to sell it and buy a manual.

      > Can any one recommend a good performance camshaft........

      Don't bother, for the most bang for your buck replace your 2.8 with a
      3.5, lots about in scrap 6's and 7's.

      Hope that's some help Malcolm.
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