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3257RE: [bmw e28] 535i: Performance figures

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  • griffin affelsauce
    31 Jan 10:18
      my owner's manual rates the 535i's 0 - 50 mph at 5.7 seconds for the stick
      and 6.8 for the auto
      quarter mile 16.1 sec and 17.1 respectively and a top speed of 134
      rated at 182 hp at 5400rpm and 213 ft/lb torque at 4000 rpm
      i dont know the exact milage numbers but they aren't exactly good

      87 535is

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      >Subject: [bmw e28] 535i: Performance figures
      >Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 06:58:58 -0000
      >I am considering buying a 535i. But I'd like to know the performance
      >figures, and efficiency figures too. Im also having trouble finding
      >I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks to everyone in advance.
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