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3300Dallas, Bimmers come here to die I think!

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  • Larry R.
    Feb 15, 2005
      Evening folks.

      I wanted to toss out that I see a lot of searches for parts for
      various 5-series cars. Being this is Dallas, many folks seem to
      just sell a dead BMW to the local scrap yard for little to nothing
      when it overheats and they fear investing cash in a car that is
      older. For example, a local shop had a gorgeous 5 series sitting
      there and when I went back a few days later, they said they simply
      called a yard and GAVE the car to the junkyard.... Dang!

      I know of 2 325is cars with overheated engines sitting right now. a
      1987 and I think the other is a 93. The shop only wants 500 for
      the 87. I may get that one, but it is an automatic not the standard
      I prefer to play with.

      BUT, since my contract just ended last week, I will be working on
      getting my own cars all as close to mint as possible. That means I
      will be hitting the NUMEROUS scrap yards over and over.

      If anyone might want to purchase an entire car that is overheated,
      or if you need body parts like fenders, trunks, hoods, what ever,
      send me a note. If you are concerned about my honesty, check me out
      on Ebay where my handle there is Calvin60.

      I will be adding some photos as soon as this is sent. I have a HUGE
      lot of wheels to try and sell now that I am not working. Haven't
      had time to list them before.

      Here is a link to my sad attempt to post some pages on the various
      cars I currently own.

      The stable includes:

      Matched set of 1987 325is
      Red with black leather interior and white with red leather interior,
      both 5 speed, both Recaro seats. Red one has Euro air damn, but I
      now have collected enough air dam parts to install one on the white,
      but am torn since I almost have the white bumper parts to replace
      that aluminum bumper with the newer plastic one that makes it look
      less chunky.

      1986 735i, black with light tan interior. Working on vacuum leak
      for heat/Air Cond. Need to detail. Paid ONLY 1500.00 for that one
      here in Dallas! (Am picking up 88 735i that was hit bad in pass
      front, for parts only, engine was running when hit, interior pretty
      mint, black leather, one tear in driver's back part of seat.
      Thinking to change my interior to all black? This is just my daily
      driver to bang around in! Dang this car drives so sweet. Wait till
      I install those Bilsteins I paid $30 for the set at the junk yard
      last week.

      1986 635CSi. Red with MINT black Recaro seat interior. Theft
      recovery. Can't wait to get it going and drive.


      Email me at this email. I rarely check the email from that page.
      Let me know what you want me to look for. TONS of body panels and
      most are dirt cheap around here for that range of 5 series. OR if
      you may want an entire car I will hook you up with a seller and
      would not want anything at all for helping you. I just like these

      Have fun