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330988 535is rough idle

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  • guydicesare2000
    Feb 16, 2005
      Hey there. this is my first post. have 88 535is. ran very rough,
      stalls when stopping when it's hot and when AC is on. replaced idle
      air stabilizer, didn't work. mechanic did something to air intake
      that took 30 seconds, then told me it was a means to an end but
      wasn't "good" OR "right" any ideas re: a real solution ?(i.e. the
      correct fix?)alves, plugs, wires, cap, plugs are new and OEM.Any
      info would be appreciated. I've spent a RIDICULOUS amount of cash on
      this already. Also, anyone have a line on a new spoiler, new
      aluminum window moulding (at a reasonable price) and other parts?
      Thanks. Guy D
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