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3333RE: Very stiff brake pedal

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  • Doug Dykaar
    Feb 27, 2005



      I googled:

      bmw e28 bomb

      there were elevendy-million (23,800) hits.

      As for HP you're on your own. The 3.5 circa 1985 is 182 and maybe 200 with
      the Dinan chip, but you gotta run premium gas. Maybe a new air filter?


      Hi I've just bought an E28 1985 520i. 142K miles on clock. Always
      loved the shape of these cars, However the brake pedal feels very
      stiffly springed, Is this normal? The brakes work fine, they are not
      sticking or anything but alot of pressure is needed to apply them.
      Also the engine has very little torque at high revs, and acceleration
      is poor. is this normal?
      What is the bhp of the 2 litre i engine? I presume it should be around
      150 but I've a feeling mine is only giving about 50.

      Regards and thanks to the Group. Dan.
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