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  • Chris Trevelyan
    Feb 27, 2005

      I have an 86 535i, and other other day it developed quite a loud rattle towards the rear - more of a metal on metal grind or knock noise that gets significantly louder when I take the foot off the gas and coast. I'm pretty sure its nothing to do with the wheels, nor anything knocking like a loose exhaust, and one guess is the CV joint. The odd thing is that it was quite loud (easily heard outside the car), but then after driving on the highway (to get home) the noise completely went away!
      Any thoughts at all what to look for/possibilities?

      Best Regards,
      86 535i

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      From: Brian M. Armstrong
      To: bmwe28@...
      Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2005 7:58 PM
      Subject: [bmw e28] stalling while warming up.

      hey everyone,
      i've got an 84' 528e and i'm having an issue. When i start it up
      cold the car fast idle's. during this time it runs fine. However in
      the time that it kicks down to normal idle and is up to temperature
      it tries to stall when idling. Once it is warmed up it idles fine.
      It will also do it if i have been running it and then slightly
      the car dosent have any vacuum leaks that i can find and it runs
      great otherwise. I am getting a little frustrated, i've just about
      replaced the entire fuel system (due to another issue), and still
      the same thing.
      Any help would be great!


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