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3336heater blower, rear defroster, sunroof stopped working

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  • Blake Nancarrow
    Feb 27, 2005

      Heater blower, rear defroster, sunroof still not
      working in the 1984 BMW 528e.

      Today I did a little bit more investigation. I learned
      that these systems (which all run through the same
      circuit) go into or through the load reduction or
      "relief" relay. I swapped this relay for another but
      no go.

      I'm pretty sure that I've burnt out the circuit or
      wiring between the battery and the fuse/relay box. And
      now it seems the relief relay is between these points.
      Now I'm trying to figure out where to test for

      Sadly, the Bentley manual has no circuit diagrams for
      the relief relay! Anyone knowing the wiring?

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