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3337E28 Automatic - Seeking advice and wisdom

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  • stevealmo
    Feb 27, 2005
      Hi there, I have recently come across an '86 535i in incredible
      shape, stored indoors passed 7 years, gold/black leather etc.
      Recent tune-up suggests leak in power steering system. (I have a
      spare system from an '86 that I may utilize/rebuild)
      This car however, has an automatic transmission of which I have no
      experience whatsoever.
      Will anyone with technical, operational or any experience with
      these gearboxes please relay some info and/or stories?
      Are they reliable?
      Difficult to work on?
      Expensive parts?
      Is it difficult to convert to 5speed if desired? (have Getrag
      can/should they be used in racing?
      any technical issues to be wary of?
      Any help is always greatly appreciated.
      Thank You,
      Vancouver Island