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3353Brake light warning light?

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  • Barry Mercer
    Mar 1, 2005
      I keep getting a brake light warning light when I start my '86 528e
      US model. Then when I step on the brake it goes out. I checked the
      grounds, and cleaned the front and rear ground. I also made sure
      that the ground plate on the tail lights were both properly
      grounded. One of the brake light sockets is developing some
      electrical scaling on the contact on the ground side, but after
      cleaning, and replacing the bulbs, it did not change the warning
      light. When the car is driven it makes a "pop" in the speakers like
      it has a bad ground and you hit a bump. Then sometimes the warning
      light comes on, and will not turn off when you hit the brake, until
      you turn the car off and back on again. It may be a bad brake light
      switch, but I want to get the replacement switch before tearing it
      apart. Any ideas or similar problems?

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