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3371timing belt

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  • Blake Nancarrow
    Mar 5, 2005
      andrew graham wrote:

      >where is the timeing belt and how often should i shange it......i really dont want welded pistons.....

      Pulled my Bentley manual... Let's see now.

      The 528e eta motor has a timing belt. It is hidden under covers behind
      the engine fan, water pump, etc. BMW recommends it (and the tensioner,
      comes in the kit) be changed every 60000 miles or every four years. I
      just did mine (my first big DIY repair) in the blue car--555550
      kilometres and counting!

      The 533i and 535i have chains. Nothing in the book about change frequency.


      84 E28 528e sapphire blue, shocks, sway bars, K&N
      air filter, limited-slip, steel brake lines, new
      starter, cool starter button just like an S2000!
      84 E28 528e rusty brown, pushing up daisies
      88 E30 M3 diamond black, steel brake lines,
      performance pads and rotors, Raven DTM exhaust,
      loaner starter motor, Willz.ca S14 stock motor
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