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3392Re: [bmw e28] "Brake Lining" light

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  • Blake Nancarrow
    Mar 10, 2005
      Trevor Sanders wrote:

      >My e28 does this also i do not know why? And all my brake parts are new so i just ignore it.
      When installing the new brake pads, were the brake lining sensors
      installed? There are 2, opposite corners, I think front-left and
      back-right. If the sensors are not replaced or are disconnected, the
      dash "low" lining light illuminates. Some people short circuit the
      sensor wires in the wheel well; some remove the bulb from the instrument

      I have no sensors and I replaced all the bulbs in my IC so the lining
      indicator burns continuously. But I also regularly inspect my brake pads
      so I know to ignore the light...


      84 E28 528e sapphire blue, shocks, sway bars, K&N
      air filter, limited-slip, steel brake lines, new
      starter, cool starter button just like an S2000!
      84 E28 528e rusty brown, pushing up daisies
      88 E30 M3 diamond black, steel brake lines,
      performance pads and rotors, Raven DTM exhaust,
      loaner starter motor, Willz.ca S14 stock motor
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