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3414RE: [bmw e28] Buying e28 Odometer Question...

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  • Blake Nancarrow
    Mar 14, 2005
      On Monday 14 March 2005 1:43 AM, Chris Trevelyan
      > The asking price is around 2200 USD obo

      > > I was looking at an 87 535i but the odometer is
      > busted (its at 193,000
      > > Miles) - he says it broke last month or so and
      > milage is more like
      > > 195,000.


      That seems like about the right amount...

      I found a 1987 manual with unknown mileage in the
      Ontario (Canada) AutoTrader from a dealer for CDN$6000
      (that's funny money!). There's an '88 528e auto from a
      dealer with 250000 going for $2500.

      Still, broken odo? That's practically admitting it's
      been rolled back!

      I'd get an inspection done. If you can get a certified
      BMW shop to do it, have them pull the instrument
      cluster and check for tampering.

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