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3418Re: [bmw e28] Poor cold start 525e

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  • andrew graham
    Mar 14, 2005

      Could be a short in the wiring harness or the ECU... might want to start there for a sheck up... a new harness is 200 and rebuilt ECU is 250 not including labor.. so check that.... same thing happended to my car...hmmmm what else you might wantto think aobut is how many miles you have on yor engine... i have 2 87 535is.... im trying to sell one for parts that has a bad tranny and a 83500 mile engine...runs really good...sounds almost new...this is the car that would stall and take a while to start... had the ECU rebuilt and bought a new ECU wire harness becasue the short in the ECU was cuase by a bad wire in the harness the other one has 190k and takes about 10 seconds to start.....it does this because of age...that is my 2 sents... good luck


      andyexup <andyexup@...> wrote:

      My '86 525e has poor cold start, it needs the gas pedal pressed down
      and will not idle till it warms up a bit, about 5 mins, stalls in
      drive etc.
      It's a L-Jet with DME-Motronic, what's the most likly cause and what
      should I check first?


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