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3546instrument cluster/motronic upgrade

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  • doowaka1
    Apr 22, 2005
      a couple of questions:
      1. i'm having issues w/my speedo needle. it's whacked. it will
      periodically start jumping all over the place. occasionally it will
      not function at all. i've heard that there are batteries for the
      cluster. does anyone know where these little beauties are located and
      do they affect the function of the speedo needle?
      2. i am in possession of an upgrade performance chip. i was led to
      believe that one could remove the motronic or ecu, (one in the same
      i'm told) and replace the stock chip. i was able to remove the
      motronic and remove the cover plate. i found two boards that i was
      unable to pry apart for fear of ruining the whole unit. anyone here
      know the proper procedure?

      thanks again for looking and responding.

      '87 535is