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3563Re: [bmw e28] Instrument cluster

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  • Timothy Hart
    Apr 30, 2005

      What I've done is took my pcb to a TV repair shop and they soldered some
      wires to the battery connections. I then fitted some battery holders to the
      wires and these were located under the radio area( I don't have AC)
      This is a good solution, since can use normal 1.5v rechargable batteries and
      they are then easy to charge/replace without removal of instruments.


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      Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 10:00 AM
      Subject: [bmw e28] Instrument cluster

      > Greetings, When you replace the batteries, don't forget to charge
      > them first! Sounds obvious, but nobody told me - so then you have to
      > take the cluster out and apart again. I still have a problem getting
      > my rev counter to work.I have replaced the batteries in the pcb, no
      > rev counter. I have tried a known good rev counter from another car,
      > still doesn't work.I have been told of about 3 different places on my
      > car ( 82 520IAuto) that provides the signal for the rev counter. So
      > far I can't find any of them.( Wire off the coil,sensor on
      > flywheel,sensor under plate on left side of flywheel housing). I have
      > looked on my good car and also on my parts car ( if anybody wants 82
      > 520i bits,please let me know - I'm in New Zealand )but can't see
      > anything obvious. Can anybody help please. regards, Dave
      > Silver 82 520iA - 119000 miles
      > Blue 82 520iA - 334000 km.
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