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3569Re: [bmw e28] Need assistance with Overheating

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  • chris insalaco
    May 2, 2005
      You say your car is overheating but what are the symptoms? Is it just hot on the gauge or is the coolant disappearing? On the coolant tank make sure the screw on cap has its seal and the pressure valve in it is working. If you get some 5/16" or 8mm fuel line, two 5/16" by 1/4"npt hose barbs, 1/4"npt T-fitting and a Schrader tire valve with 1/4" npt to fit in line betwen the radiator and the coolant tank. This way you can pressurize the cooling system and check the coolant cap valve and leak down of system pressure in general. A tire pump and pencil pressure gauge work for this but you can go deluxe and get a four way fitting instead of the "T" and add a 30psi clock gauge.
      EVEN EASIER. Pull your spark plugs and check for that pretty, clean one (or two) that have been steam cleaned by coolant. Some cars with poor cooling system maintinence get rust scale and corrosion stuck in the passages between the head and the deck. New radiator could have rust scale from old engine.CHECK your fan belt.
      Squeeze the radiator upper hose with car running and not. The difference should be obvious, use a rag if hot.
      Open bleed screw on thermostat housing. Especially before hose squeeze test. If coolant only comes out, rejoice. If air, steam and foam come out try topping off the system and bleeding it again. I did this for nine months on my bavaria and there was more coolant (H2O) missing until one night it expelled its liquid in three miles. The temp gauge would flicker but that time it went full hot. Nine miles, three fill ups. Good luck!

      Chris 277k 83' 528e

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