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3575535i, M535i, M5

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  • Arny K.
    May 7, 2005

      I was wondering, what are really the differences between those models? I
      know the main difference for the M5 is the S38 engine, and I know that
      M535i has SOMETHING from M-Power, but unsure what:)

      I have supposed that M535i might actually be M5 with an M30 engine, but I
      am very unsure of that; I liked the idea of having the M5's handling, and a
      regular "street engine"... So I'm mostly interested if M535i has suspension
      and brakes as M5 or as 535i, or something in between. How do these models
      compare in regard to handling and driveability?

      I was considering to maybe get a M535i, so I'm quite curious about it...

      '85. 528i
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