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3581Re: [bmw e28] 535i, M535i, M5

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  • Arny K.
    May 8, 2005
      Thank you all for your responses, folks!

      Like David said, M535i is an M5 lookalike 535i, but does it only LOOK like
      an M5 or does it also inherit M5's driveability?

      I agree with Steve about the engine... the 'dirty' 3.5 is quite a
      performance _street_ engine... not quite as strong as M-power, but needs
      less revving and lasts longer...

      So what I really wanted to ask is: Do M5 and M535 share common suspension
      parts and do they have similar handling, i.e. is it something like someone
      took an M5 and pulled the S38 engine out and installed a regular M30B35? Or
      are similarities only cosmetic?

      It would be soo great if I could have a car with M5's handling and a
      street-engine... and 3.5 is not quite an anemic one... :)

      '85. 528i

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