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3584[bmw e28] Re: 535i, M535i, M5

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  • Bob Sutterfield
    May 8, 2005
      --- In bmwe28@..., ken@k... wrote:
      > So where does my 528e fit in all this
      > I could not find it in the lists

      The 528e (US version of the Euro 525e) has the M20 "baby six" engine
      displacing 2.7 liters. It is the "eta" version, tuned for high
      efficiency at low revs. Economical but not terribly sporting.

      The 535i (and M535i and 535iS) has the M30 "big six" engine
      displacing 3.4 liters. It's a high performance normal
      production engine.

      The M5 has a twin-cam engine derived from the racing lineage
      of the 3.0CSL and the M1. High revs, high power, high cost.
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