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3590RE: Circuits in New Hampshire anybody?

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  • Bob Sutterfield
    May 9, 2005
      Will wrote:
      > I have a 1985 535i ...
      > Now, my car wants me to take her on the track.

      First, join <http://bmwcca.org> and attend some driving schools on
      racetracks, and compete in some autocrosses on parking lots. For racing,
      check <http://bmwccaclubracing.com> and <http://scca.org> and
      <http://nasaproracing.com> and <http://northamericanbavarianracing.com>.

      > Unfortunately i cant find any circuit tracks or
      > rally tracks in the new hampshire area.

      Try <http://nhis.com>, but it's more important to find the group than the
      location. BMW CCA and SCCA might have rally programs in your area too.

      > can anybody tell me where to find somewhere to legally race?

      You and your car both have quite a way to go before you'll be ready for
      wheel-to-wheel racing with any sanctioning body. You'll need all the safety
      equipment (roll cage, electrical cutoff, fuel cell, seat & harness, HANS
      device, etc.) along with racing schools toward a competition license. You
      might find that some of your mods are illegal in any category in which your
      E28 might be competitive, so you've already bumped yourself into a higher
      level of preparation and competition. Instead of focusing on racing, I
      would strongly encourage you to start with some BMW CCA high performance
      driving schools first.

      david patterson wrote:
      > Sounds awfully nice to get banged up at an autocross!

      That's the great thing about autocross: A driver can compete in a street
      car with no extra equipment, and no worries about injuring the car. If the
      course is laid out correctly there's no chance of hitting another car or any
      stationary objects (curbs or light poles). If something goes wrong you'll
      just spin or slide, and the worst effect on your car will be scuff marks
      from the cones.
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