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  • Carrie Bacon
    May 12, 2005
      I have just purchase a 1984 528/5 spd, in silver. The car belonged
      to a man that had his own garage and is in the process of retiring -
      sort of... It has 117K on the dial and just received new brakes,
      all around, new front-end, new clutch and a BUNCH of other things
      for wear-item repairs and upgrades.

      I'd looked at the car a year or two ago but he'd wanted about $4500
      for "the silver bullet" at the lot and I couldn't afford it then.
      BUT, last week, I saw the car in my neighbor's yard - next to the
      barns where my neighbor keeps his five or six fire engines. (He'd
      also just installed a lift to work on his cars).

      My neighbor told me that "the silver bullet" was going to be for
      sale - sure enough, and I bought it: $1500!!! The owner said he
      doesn't want to be retired, altogether, so he's going to continue to
      work on cars, using my neighbor's garage. So... I bought the 528
      at a third of what it was going for last year AND have a mechanic
      for it!

      Now, there is NO rust nor any dings except a small crease at the
      front of the hood (I'll also receive a replacement hood) that I
      don't think needs to be replaced. The paint -is- faded, the blue
      cloth interior is purrrfect and ALL electrical items work. A newer
      set of matched Pirellis on BMW rims with matching spare. The engine
      sounds brand-new - no oil leaks and purrrs like a Bavarian watch!

      Now, if my new mechanic Tim will care for our silver L-7 that's been
      languishing, I'll be in heaven! (The L-7 is for hubby - dang thing
      is an *automatic* anyways.) By the way, now I just need to get
      rid of the -other- cars we have... Wanna buy a vintage Mercedes or