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3603Re: [bmw e28] rear subframe mount R&R

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  • Eric Pommerer
    May 17, 2005
      When you say 'Bolt' are you referring to the pin?
      Is it even necessary to remove that in order to drop/pull the subframe bush?

      Did you have to lower the subframe free and clear of the pin or did
      you pull the pin in order to use your puller?


      On 5/16/05, Steve <s.a@...> wrote:
      > ...just wait till you try removing the bushings!
      > The reason I picked my first e28 up as cheap as I did, the passed owner was
      > quoted $900 cdn in labor + $100 in parts to change these bushings.
      > The first one, I cut and chiseled out after soaking the bolt with wurth's
      > rust-off.
      > The second, I used my new-gained wisdom and made a tool with ready-rod,
      > washers, nuts and short piece of steel tube which helped pull the bushing
      > right out.
      > The first side took approx 7 hours, the second side took 20 minutes.
      > Good Luck,
      > Steve
      > Canada
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