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3607Anti Roll Bar tie rod

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  • Phil Howard
    May 17, 2005
      What are symptoms of a duff antiroll bar tie rod (runs from the antiroll bar
      to the front hub assembly)? One of my 525e�s has what appear to be totally
      cr@p brakes; firm pedal which doesn�t do a great deal, and a feeling of a
      really badly warped disc, except that it�s wearing new discs and pads, but
      whilst trying to locate a knocking from the front floorpan area on small
      bumps have found the tie rod to look knackered (both balljoint boots are
      split and full of mud/rust).

      Is this a possibility, or just a red herring, and the new discs are no good?

      It pulls slightly to the left on braking whilst juddering (feels like slow
      ABS, but doesn�t have it). I�m thinking the braking is duff discs, but not
      sure, somehow.



      525e x2

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