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3609will an m535i powerplant go into a 528e?

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  • elephantjuice54
    May 18, 2005
      Hey all - newguy.

      I've got a 83 528e. Am told this is one of the slowest powerless
      engines they ever made, shooting for fuel economy over all else. This
      is good news to me because it still feels rather quick and snappy and
      the idea that it does nothing but get more powerful, well gee whiz. I
      think its pretty cool. This car is in rather good shape, no rust,
      almost no gremlins, not been wrecked, practically everything works and
      works well.

      Now if I were to ask my mechanic who doesn't like 528e's at all, he'd
      tell me that I'm stuck where I'm at, I can never upgrade this
      powerplant - nothing else will work in there. But theres alot of
      conflicting evidence to that claim it would seem, so thought I'd ask.

      I recently picked up a m535i for three bills that still runs and
      drives but theres so much wrong with her it'll never be worth trying
      to fix - she's a running parts car is all right now. Theres gremlins
      in the electrical, the frame and body is rusted out and rather beat
      up. And yet for all that, theres quite a bit salvageable on her.
      Ricaro racing seats for one, engine and tranny and computers for
      two... 16 inch wheels (not great but functional) - bumpers are in
      good shape (though not euro) - lots and lots of miscelaneous stuff.

      So I guess at the heart of things my quesiton is - am I stuck with the
      528e powerplant? Part 2 of this question is, is there a snowballs
      chance in hell of dropping this powerplant into my 528e? Part 3, am I
      a dumbass for even wanting to?

      Thanks all for your input. Excuse while I ask alot of questions in
      the beginning. Just trying to get my bearings.

      Scott Gamble
      1983 528e
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