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3616[bmw e28] Re: will an m535i powerplant go into a 528e?

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  • Scott Gamble
    May 19, 2005
      Actually from the very beginning the gameplans been to start with the
      suspension and brakes before ever touching powerplant stuff. And the
      thing is my suspension is in great shape - its just older.

      Can't tell you how often I've seen people amp up the powerplant and
      then cut corners on things like suspension and brakes. Just dumb if
      you ask me.

      I've got pics of that parts car, including motor

      Lots to do with the engine. Glad to hear it. Is there anything I can
      do with the transmission? I'm just kind of assembling my goodie list now.

      Scott Gamble
      1983 528e

      --- In bmwe28@..., david patterson <benznut450@y...> wrote:
      > Hey Scott,
      > I also concur with Bob's information. If you want to bump up the
      ponies on your 528e,then
      > here are a few suggestions. A big bore throttle body,schrick
      camshaft and a multi throttle
      > intake system,aluminum flywheel and performance clutch
      kit,differential with 3:25-14%,
      > cold air box w/cone filter,EPROM chip in your ECU,free flow
      exhaust,extractors w/o2 hole,
      > adjustable fuel pressure regulator,titanium valve retainers and
      rocker arm retainers,oil cooler
      > kit,and 8mm plug wires.There is more and this just shows you that
      the engine can be highly
      > modified.
      > If you add a turbo,invest in an copper head gasket.With all these
      mods you need to make sure
      > that your BMW brake system is upgraded also as you beef up the
      > rotors and HIGH quality brake pads or if your money allows add a
      Brembo brake kit!Choice!
      > Bob can fill in the blanks if I have overlooked anything.
      > David
      > Scott Gamble <elephantjuice54@y...> wrote:
      > Thank you for your detailed response Bob
      > Thats excellent news. Guess I'll have to find a mechanic whos less
      > interested in acquiring this motor from me than they are in installing
      > it. My next question was going to be how to find out for certain
      > which motor I've got but I just did and you are correct. It would
      > appear this is an American 535i. Which is still nothing to balk at
      > http://www.bmw-z1.com/VIN/VINdecode-e.cgi
      > http://www.angelfire.com/ca/TORONTO/VIN/bmw.html
      > but it was kinda fun to hope there for a few minutes...
      > So, that being said I guess this changes my gameplan a bit. Again I
      > figure I've 12 to 18 months to bring this engine to fruition so I can
      > concentrate on the suspension and brakes and whatnot. But I guess the
      > plan now is to go ahead and have the engine and tranny pulled and
      > rebuilt (over the next 12 months) with high quality components. Might
      > as well while I've got them out and have time to get the work done.
      > Again this is hobby stuff and not time critical.
      > Do you have any performance or component suggestions that I might take
      > into consideration when having the gearbox and motor rebuilt? Quality
      > components only qualify as an investment if I don't have to go back in
      > and replace them in 5 years, and to be blunt, I'm a rather demanding
      > driver. I'm conciencious, but I'm demanding. So a balance between an
      > increase in performance and durability is what I'm really in the
      > market for.
      > Last thing. Turbos. I know nothing about them. Can you recommend
      > some links to read so I can learn about the pros and cons? I've
      > always been interested but don't know anything about them. I don't
      > know if I'm interested in anything like that here, but I am curious as
      > to what it is and why people seem to like it.
      > Thanks again
      > Scott Gamble
      > --- In bmwe28@..., "Bob Sutterfield" <bob@s...> wrote:
      > > Your 528e has a M20B27 engine. M20 means it's the "baby six", B27
      > means it displaces 2.7 liters. It's built for economy and low-end
      > torque, not high revving. Your M535i(*) has a M30B34 engine. M30
      > means it's the "big six" block, B34 means 3.4 liters. Both M20 and
      > M30 have a steel block and aluminum head with 12 valves and a single
      > overhead cam. The M20 has a rubber timing belt that should be
      > replaced every 40-50K miles or 4 years, whichever comes first. The
      > M30 has a timing chain that's normally good for the life of the engine.
      > >
      > > *If it has US bumpers it's almost certainly a US 535i or 535iS,
      > perhaps with a "///M" badge stuck on the trunk. Some M535i cars had a
      > 10:1 compression engine with more horsepower, and some had the same
      > 8.5:1 engine as in the US 535i/S.
      > >
      > > You can transplant a M30 engine into the space formerly occupied by
      > a M20. Besides the usual stuff like mount locations and engine
      > management electronics, you'll also need to pay attention to the brake
      > boosters. The 528e's brake booster runs off manifold vacuum, and the
      > 535i's brake booster runs off the power steering hydraulic system.
      > Since you have the M30 engine already effectively for free, the
      > transplant cost is entirely labor. Normally when someone wants to
      > swap engines into a 528e, the usual recommendation is to sell the 528e
      > to someone who wants it for what it already is, and buy a 535i to
      > replace it.
      > >
      > > Your 528e interchanges parts with all other E28s. That means you
      > can upgrade its suspension and brakes and wheels however you want.
      > The cheap bang-for-the-buck acceleration improvements are a Conforti
      > engine chip from <http://turnermotorsport.com> and a 3.25:1
      > limited-slip differential from a 535i. So just take the diff out of
      > your M30 car and it will bolt right into your M20 car.
      > >
      > > You can learn a lot about E28s here:
      > > http://m535i.org
      > > http://mye28.com/newforum
      > > --
      > > Bob Sutterfield
      > > '88 E28 535iS lachssilber-met
      > > '91 E30 318iS alpinweiß
      > > '83 E21 320i opalgrün-met (RIP, parting out)
      > > '93 T4 EV MV Weekender Arktisches Weiß
      > > BMWCCA #169277 GGC/RMC
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