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3636rust, fenders and body...

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  • Scott Gamble
    May 26, 2005
      Hey all

      This weekend looks like my mechanic and I are going to gut my 535i
      parts car for components for my pathetic 528e. Out of it I'l be able
      to recover many MANY things including seats, motor, tranny, limited
      slip, doors and glass, computers, etc etc etc... Now I also wanted to
      grab the front and rear fenders/quarterpanels but my mechanic has told
      me that due to the way these machines are constructed, its likely
      theres water <i>inside</i> the fenders and to do so is guaranteed to
      ensure that the rest of my car will rust out as well.

      So I guess my question to you is, um, first off I wasn't aware that
      fenders had pockets that you couldn't get at where water could pool
      and secretly rust so my first question is, is he on crack? Second
      question is, if he's right, is there a way to treat it so it will stop


      Scott Gamble
      1983 528e