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3663Temperature sensors

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  • okareka12000
    Jun 5, 2005
      G'day everyone,On the thermostat housing of my '82 520i there are 2
      sender units. One has just one electrics lead to it, the other has 2
      terminals and 4 leads. This one has a purple top, and more important
      corroded terminals ( blade type).I am picking that the first one is
      the sender unit for the gauge ( which reads ok), but does the second
      one have anything to do with cold starting or fuel system operation?
      Since my car has developed overfuelling/rich running a few seconds
      after staring from cold. This condition settles down as the
      temperature increases. That's why i am putting 2 and 2 together ( and
      making5?) Anybody help please. Dave NZ
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