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3669steering box?

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  • Doug Dykaar
    Jun 6, 2005
      I have an 85 e28 535i, 140kmi. I believe the steering box is sloppy. I've
      adjusted the slop at center so as not to grab at the ends. I've replaced the
      entire external steering linkage and pittman arm bearing and tightened the
      clamp on the steering column inside the car and it still makes random
      noises. The attach bolts on the steering box appear tight. The rest of the
      suspension has been replaced, except for the rear subframe bushings (I'm
      making the tool now) and the rear swing arm bushings.

      So, is the e28 rack, 32131125855
      7&hg=32&fg=10) the same
      as the e34 525 rack, 32131139731

      Anybody rebuild one on a bench? Where'd you get the kit? I did the power
      steering pump and except for temporarily misplacing one of the pump vanes on
      the garage floor, it went pretty smooth.



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