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3670Temp sensor/ leaking injectors/spark plugs

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  • okareka12000
    Jun 7, 2005
      Hi Guys, Thanks for your help.I've done a bit of research today.The
      sensor is called temperature switch 0*C according to my Haynes book -
      and not fitted to my car according to my BMW dealers computer!! It is
      linked to cold start valve, temperature time switch and diode relay.
      I have removedv the sensor, cleaned it and re rivetted the contacts.
      Now the car starts like it should do.My spark plugs are Bosch W8 -
      which I guess is okay.Now one more question - my errant tachometer.
      In the distributor is a thing called a pulse generator. By any chance
      does this provide the pulses for the tachometer? For what it's worth
      I had a flat battery the other day - the glove box light switch had
      frozen and the car had not been used for a week - however on trying
      to start the car the tachometer flicked up each time the starter
      motor tried to turn. I guess this shows that the tachometer is
      responding to something and thus the fault does not lie with the
      gauge. Any ideas? Regards, Dave NZ PS In the mid to late 80's, before
      our stockmarket crash, every man and his dog had an E28 - usually a
      525E - now there are very few - only 3 in my town - any ideas where
      they all went?