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3678Re: What should I do?

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  • mageidt
    Jun 9, 2005
      I live in the Philippines and I have a 528e mod 86 close to your old
      girl... I just had a timing belt brake on me and it bend pretty
      mutch all my exhaus valves but luckily nothing else I took the head
      of myself and replaced all 12 valves the timing belt and was able to
      return the original head gasket belive it or not... the original
      head gasket's can be re-used again they are strong as can be.
      now to your predicament I would take the head off before making a
      decission to replace the head requires actual inspection to see if
      it's the head or the valve that gives you the problem. well that is
      what I would do.....

      --- In bmwe28@..., "garygeorge3" <garygeorge3@y...>
      > Hi guys,
      > I live in the UK and own a 528i auto from '84. She is a good car
      that I enjoy driving, with
      > 119k miles under her wheels, however in my own bit of stupidity I
      over- reved the engine
      > momentarily in first gear hold.
      > The car now idles lumpy and pulls away sounding rough, under load
      she is ok I think!
      > The car after a compression test is down to only about 30% power
      on No:1 cylinder, and
      > my mechanic suspects a valve related problem requiring the head to
      be removed and all
      > the associated costs with this. I have been offered a good
      working head from a scrap car,
      > with a reported 102k miles, that is ready to go on after skimming
      for 200 pounds sterling
      > [$370] he assures me he has heard the engine running and it sounds
      > Previous to this mishap my car ran fine with only a little
      camshaft noise, my question is,
      > do continue with my own head, fit the replacement as this may be
      cheaper, or go for a
      > complete rebuilt head?
      > I really like these old square riggers but their near worthless
      value here in the uk makes
      > me wonder whether you carry on spending cash or just walk away?
      > Awaiting any suggestions and thanks for reading this,
      > Gary.
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