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3679Re: [bmw e28] What should I do?

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  • William Allison
    Jun 9, 2005
      I'd say inspect the new head thoroughly before paying your hard earned $ for it. With the original camshaft making noise unless the problem is merely the camshaft itself then it'll be a bearing problem that will end up likely costing you more than the used head that you are looking at. Common sense does prevail in these matters. Think about it like this: A.) Do you enjoy driving that car? B.) Will it cost more in the long run to buy a new car or simply maintain and repair this one? C.) Would you rather spend the $ on the new car or keep this one? I know that it may not be a very valuable car in the U.K. but my thought process on it is if YOU enjoy it then who CARES what it's worth to everyone else? A wise man once told me "Things are only worth what others will pay for them." How much would you pay to buy that EXACT car with the memories you have of it and whatnot compared to bluebook value of it?

      garygeorge3 <garygeorge3@...> wrote:Hi guys,

      I live in the UK and own a 528i auto from '84. She is a good car that I enjoy driving, with
      119k miles under her wheels, however in my own bit of stupidity I over- reved the engine
      momentarily in first gear hold.

      The car now idles lumpy and pulls away sounding rough, under load she is ok I think!

      The car after a compression test is down to only about 30% power on No:1 cylinder, and
      my mechanic suspects a valve related problem requiring the head to be removed and all
      the associated costs with this. I have been offered a good working head from a scrap car,
      with a reported 102k miles, that is ready to go on after skimming for 200 pounds sterling
      [$370] he assures me he has heard the engine running and it sounds strong.

      Previous to this mishap my car ran fine with only a little camshaft noise, my question is,
      do continue with my own head, fit the replacement as this may be cheaper, or go for a
      complete rebuilt head?

      I really like these old square riggers but their near worthless value here in the uk makes
      me wonder whether you carry on spending cash or just walk away?

      Awaiting any suggestions and thanks for reading this,


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