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  • bm0p700f1
    Jun 15, 2005
      Dear Gary,

      I sympathise with you dilema as I have resently had a similar problem.

      I run a UK pec 1987 528i SE Auto.

      Recently the viscous cupling in th fan fialed. This caused the engine
      to over heat and crack my cylinder head.

      The 2.8i cylinder heads are renowned for going pop. Often when they
      go they not repairable due to the crack being to large.

      While my situation is different, get you cylinder head inspected for
      cracks. If you doubt the head you have available, Linwar Motors in
      Southport stock test heads (reconditioned and those that need
      facing). One that need facing (but tested) is £190 + V.A.T. They will
      the cylinder head number to get a exact match though. The rattling
      sound you mentioned could be the tappets or the timing chain. Either
      way these should be looked at closly if you replace the head.

      I went for the alternative.

      As it happened mine was not repairable. My mechanic however had acces
      to a 2.8i engine form an accident damaged car. £250 for the engine
      plus £350 for fitting. As it happens fitting was complicated because
      on the engine that he aquired, the engine ancillaries were wired up
      differently to my old engine (ECU connectors, fuse box connections,
      general wiring e.t.c)and some of the ancillaries on the new engine
      were in poor condition. So he took all the connectors, ancillaries
      (pumps disributor...)e.t.c of the old engine and fitted then to the
      new one. Fitted it and wired it in. With a new fan the total bill was
      nearly £700. It now runs fine.

      For me this was worth it as the rest of the car is fine. The only
      problems I have are the beginings of rot in the wings and one of the
      doors. These bit are replacable and I intend to fully restore the car.

      If your car is rust free on the non replacable panels and the
      transmission suspensionand steering are fine then it is worth fixing
      it if you like it. Either by replacing the head or fitting the engine
      the head is coming of.

      If you choose not to fix it. thier a number of parts that I could be
      interested in if the car is going to be broken for spares.

      I do hope you do fix it as they are lovely cars to drive and do last
      if maintained properly.


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